Our Vision :

तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय (Tomoso Ma Jyotirgamaya)
Let there be light of wisdom, removing the darkness of ignorance.



Our Mission :




Objectives :

Over the five decades of its existence there has been regular change in the attitude in order to cope with the changing scenario of higher education in the country. Improvement of infrastructure is a continuous process and this College is making relentless efforts to augment its infrastructure with an eye towards the present needs and future demand. The College has constantly kept up its mission to aspire and strive for excellence in education by developing and sharpening the intellectual and human potential of the learners for the good of society and of the stake holders. The ideal upheld has been to prepare good graduates who can play effective role in the bigger field of life as good human beings. Cachar College now sets some new objectives and goal to aspire for:


  1. It intensely aspires for providing its learners with excellent teaching in their fields of study.
  2. It takes care to organise the class-room and co-curricular activities to ensure a preparedness for life long learning.
  3. The College looks forward to see its learners take up excellent career relevant to the need of the nation.
  4. It is always keen on inculcating clear sense of discipline, ethical and morals values, love, fellow-feeling and healthy civic sense.
  5. The College aims to foster the sense of activity and the ingrown talent of the learners.
  6. To achieve the avowed objectives, the institution aims at developing into a centre of excellence in the broader field of higher education. Prime mission of the College and its guiding principle therefore is to strive for the promises that must be kept and to take on its stride the lessons learnt from experience.


College Emblem: