Provincialised by the Govt. of Assam

Recognised by UGC under 2(f) and 12 (B)

Affiliated to Assam University, Silchar and

   Assam Higher Secondary Education Council

Co-educational institution imparting both HS

   and TDC courses in Arts, Science & Commerce

Offers Open Learning Courses under KKHSOU


Governing Body:

Present Governing Body of Cachar College:-
    President Dr.  Bizoy Bhushan Das  M.Sc., B.A., LL.B., M.Phil., Ph.D.
    Secretary Dr.  K. Lakshmiton Singha   M.A., Ph.D.
University Nominee
Prof.  Satya Bhushan Paul

Prof.  Nikhil Bhusan Dey
    Permanent Special Invitee Sri Ratnangkoor Bhattacharjee
        Nominee of
        Sri Dilip Kumar Paul
        Hon’ble MLA, Silchar (LA-09)
    Donor Member Sri Simanta Bhattacharjee
      Nominee of
      Sri  Ajit Singh
    Guardian Members Smti.  Moon Lodh

Sri  Manik Roy

Sri  Amitava Ghosh
Teachers' Representatives
Dr.  Ajoy Roy

Sri  Joydeep Biswas
Representative of
Non-Teaching Staff
Sri  Bijon Chakarborty


Dr. K. Lakshmiton Singha
M.A., Ph.D.
Principal-in-charge, Cachar College, Silchar -1.
Message from Principal

Cachar College is a premier institution of higher education in south Assam. With eighteen departments spread over the three academic steams of Arts, Commerce and Science and three thousand students on roll, the College has an imposing presence in charting the trajectory of higher learning in Barak Valley.
The College since its inception in 1960 has been catering to the needs of the underprivileged and weaker sections of the society. With the passage of time the agenda for higher education in India have undergone changes. Cachar College has tried to situate itself in the changing paradigm accordingly. The greatest challenge in the higher education sector is striking the right balance between quantity and quality. We have to keep equally alert tab on excellence and extension of higher education. Cachar College in its own modest way is constantly on the job to create access of higher education to the maximum number of students on the one hand, and on the other, the College is trying to excel in terms of globally defined parameters of quality.
In the light of current policies of the Government of Assam Cachar College is giving utmost efforts to enhance its brand value in the realm of higher education. ‘Reboot Cachar College’ is the tag line for the institution. In its journey towards a balanced mix of equity and efficiency support of the stakeholders is of critical importance.
I urge upon the students, teachers, non-teaching staff, guardians and civil society to extend their cooperation towards this prestigious public institution of higher learning.

Vice Principal:


Heads of the Departments (HoDs):

Department Name Qualification Designation
Arabic Abdul Quadir Barbhuiya MA, PhD Associate Professor
Bengali Sumita Ghosh MA, PhD Associate Professor
Botany Mukul Kumar Baruah MSc, PhD Associate Professor
Chemistry Th. Pawlen Singha MSc, PhD Associate Professor
Commerce Chandan Dey MCom, PhD Associate Professor
Economics Al-Shahiba Shams Uddin MA, MPhil, PhD Associate Professor
English Raju Brahma MA, MPhil Assistant Professor
Hindi Shankar Sharma MA, PhD Assistant Professor
History Md. Shams Uddin MA Assistant Professor
Manipuri Ch. Kamala Devi MA Assistant Professor
Mathematics Avinoy Paul M.Sc., PhD Associate Professor
Philosophy Merina Islam MA, PhD Associate Professor
Physics Debasish Chakraborty MSc Associate Professor
Political Science Kartik Kumar Dwivedi MA, MPhil Associate Professor
Sanskrit Shamita Nag Dhar MA, PhD Associate Professor
Zoology Apurba Chakraborty MSc, PhD Associate Professor


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Former Presidents of Governing Body (GB) / Special Body (SB), Cachar College:
Sl. No.   Name Period GB / SB
1.   Hem Chandra Chakraborty
Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Assam
March 1960 - July 1960 GB
2.   Dwaraka Nath Tewari
Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha
03.08.1961 - 27.03.1975 GB
3.   Golam Wazid Mazumder, MA, LLB.
Advocate, (Public Prosecutor), Silchar Bar Association
28.03.1975 - 28.08.1980 GB
4.   J. C. Pegu, ACS
Additional Deputy Commissioner, Cachar
29.08.1980 - 07.03.1981 GB
5.   A. K. Nath, ACS
Additional Deputy Commissioner, Cachar
08.03.1981 - 21.03.1982 GB
6.   A. Choudhury, ACS
Additional Deputy Commissioner, Cachar
22.03.1982 - 09.03.1983 GB
7.   H. K. Gupta, ACS
Additional Deputy Commissioner, Cachar
10.03.1983 - 05.08.1984 GB
8.   Kamalendu Bhattacharjee
Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha
06.08.1984 - 02.01.1987 GB
9.   H. M. Cairae, IAS
Deputy Commissioner, Cachar
03.01.1987 - 12.08.1987 GB
10.   S. C. Das, IAS
Deputy Commissioner, Cachar
13.08.1987 - 10.04.1989 GB
11.   J. N. Sarma, IAS
Deputy Commissioner, Cachar
11.04.1989 - 18.11.1990 GB
12.   D. Jhingram, IAS
Deputy Commissioner, Cachar
19.11.1990 - 19.04.1991 GB
13.   Arun Kumar, IAS
Deputy Commissioner, Cachar
20.04.1991 - 02.08.1992 GB
14.   Sumit Jerath, IAS
Deputy Commissioner, Cachar
03.08.1992 - 15.08.1994 GB
15.   Karnendu Bhattacharjee
Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha
16.08.1994 - 26.06.1997 GB
16.   Joy Prakash Tewari
Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Assam
27.06.1997 - 09.04.2000 SB
17.   Kali Ranjan Deb
Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Assam
10.04.2000 - 17.07.2001 SB
18.   Karnendu Bhattacharjee
Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha
18.07.2001 - 17.09.2009 GB
19.   Maskandar Ali Laskar
Retired Principal i/c, Cachar College, Silchar
18.07.2009 - 29.07.2010 GB
20.   Dr (Mrs.)  Aparajita Choudhury
Retired Principal, Guru Charan College, Silchar
30.07.2010 - 00.00.0000 GB

List of Former Principals:

Sl. No. Name, Qualification etc. Period
1.   Nibaran Chandra Laskar, MA (Double), Ex-MP 1960
2.   Jogendra Kumar Chowdhury, BA (Oxon), MA (Double), LLB, Ex-MP 1960-63
3.   Keshab Chandra Chakraborty, MA (Double) 1964-71
4.   Debabrata Dutta, MA (Double) 1972-79
5.   Narendra Chandra Das, MCom 1979-81 (In-charge)
6.   Binoy Krishna Bhattacharjee, MA, PhD 1981-84
7.   Sisir Chakraborty, MA, PhD 1984-88 (In-charge)
8.   Bhaktimadhav Chattopadhyay, MA, PhD 1988-93
9.   Sisir Chakraborty, MA, PhD 1993-96
10.   Sukhamoy Bhattacharjee, MA, PhD 1996-99
11.   Rameswar Brahmachari, MA 1999-2000 (In-charge)
12.   Ashish Bhattacharjee, MSc., PhD 2000-03 (In-charge)
13.   Maskandar Ali Laskar, MA (Double), LLB 2003-05 (In-charge)
14.   Debasis Kar, MSc, PhD 2005-15

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